A Personal Research Project

Can the NES and it's games be updated/upgraded to modern spec?


When the NES draws the original graphics,
check if there are modern graphics which can be put in their place!

RxNES is code added to an Open Source NES Emulator within the Unity3D Engine.
Unity3D is not required, you can upgrade games with the Standalone Build.

The added code "hashes" the content of the on-screen "Tiles" and comes up with a name for each tile, it then checks a special "Enhancements" folder to see if a new 3D Model (.OBJ) and or (.PNG) Texture are available to render on top of the old one.

Youtube Videos :

For the Joy of Learning Computer Graphics!

RxNES is intended for those interested in Video Game Graphics Development primarily.
Young students of this industry often long to make a game featuring their work, and have little programming experience.
It can be hard to find a programmer to work with who shares your vision, and too often these indie projects are abandoned after monthes of hard work. RxNES was created to allow these Computer Graphics students to work on already completed and adored games from long ago, bringing them new life and fresh glory!

That said, No. It doesn't do most of the work by itself!

People will have to make the new graphics it uses.

Tho, No programming knowledge should be required.

It's as simple as supplying a replacement with the same name as the original in that game's
-MyPackage-\" folder.

That's It! It's already coded! RxNES will find the new graphics and place them on top of the old ones!

Yeah, but I'm @ 1337 C0d3r...

The NEW VERSIONS of RxNES now have a built in C# Compiler! If you can code C#, you can Enhance more than just Graphic Overlays!

With a little support and interest...

RxNES will make NES games look new again!
Someone has to make the "New Graphics",
The rest is pretty much DONE!.

Download RxNES v3.003 - (x64) [38 MB] - 02/22/2018

PLEASE NOTE : RxNES 3 is Powerful Software
containing a Built-In C# Compiler!

User Added Scripts could be made malicious!
This is to be your own responsibility!
I cannot guarantee anyone's add on scripts,
Check they are safe before you launch them!
(The included scripts contain no malware)